SEO Rank Tracking for e-Commerce Websites

With a budding eCommerce site you'll likely want to track hundreds or thousands of keywords to monitor the position of your website pages in search engine results.  WordTail makes it simple for you to do just that.

Track Multiple Websites

Great if you operate multiple domains for different product sets or brands.

Track Site Sections Individually

Great for large eCommerce sites allowing to track specific sections of site

Organised Keyword Campaigns

Using campaigns to segment keywords into common themes helps manage volumes of keywords

Need to track positions in different countries? No Problem

With WordTail it's easy to track your sites performance in different countries.

A typical online retail site will potentially have hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of keywords that are important to driving growth through search marketing and SEO.

With WordTail you get an easy, accurate and low cost tool to track all of your keyword positions in relevant search engines both locally and globally. We give you the tools to track your SEO visibility and progress

As an online retailer you'll understand that keywords drive your online business because search is where your customers are and where they convert more consistently into paying customers than any other digital channel.


As a retailer you can easily have hundreds and thousands of keywords that your website could potentially target.  Using WordTail you can easily track tens of thousands of keywords.  

With the campaigns features you'll be able to segment your keywords into manageable reporting groups, maybe by brand, product type or their relative importance.

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