Why we think you'll love WordTail

In our (unbiased) opinion here are 15 reasons why we think you will absolutely, most definitely be a lover of WordTail.

If you don't believe us, see for yourself by getting a free trial account.

  1. Unlimited Access
  2. Free Account
  3. Free Premium Trial
  4. Anyone can use WordTail
  5. No Tie-Ins
  1. Track Multiple Engines
  2. Track Multiple Countries
  3. Share with Others
  4. Sub Folder/Domain Support
  5. Total Flexibility
  1. Simple to Use
  2. Easy to Understand
  3. Fast & Accurate Positions
  4. API Support 
  5. Lots of Goodness in the pipeline

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How will WordTail really benefit me?

WordTail can be used by anyone who wants to track where they are positioned for keywords in search engines anywhere in the world.

The first and most obvious users of WordTail are our friends the SEO people. They work in agencies managing client accounts, in-house managing their employers websites and on their own little projects they have running in the background.

We also believe that people who employ SEO's will be users of WordTail so that they can independently monitor the progress of their SEO work and see first hand the impact that the work being done is having on the positions.  It is designed to be collaborative so that everyone is on the same page, when it comes to data

Who is WordTail For?

Typical users of WordTail would be

  • Business owners
  • Online Retail/eCommerce Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • SEO/SEM consultants
  • Digital Agencies
  • DIY SEO's and Tinkerers