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Impressions, clicks, sessions & conversions combined with accurate rankings

Easily see how your keyword positions impact visibility, traffic and conversions providing you with a quick and easy way to see how well your SEO campaign is really doing.

  • Import Google Analytics & Search Console data
  • Track impressions, clicks and positions for longer than 90 days
  • Monitor keyword level sessions and conversion data
  • Track page performance with positions and session metrics
  • Get a full breakdown by paid & organic mediums
  • See how well keywords are really doing with now provided
WordTail Google Analytics Integration shows you how well your SEO campaign is performing
WordTail Analytics

Google Search Console

  • Easily import and monitor Google search console data
  • Track search console data for more than 90 days

See Paid & Organic Performance

  • See paid and organic keyword data
  • Easily add keywords you want to track

See All Sources

  • Filter reports by source and medium

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