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WordTail is a feature rich SEO Rank Tracker that helps you
monitor and report website positions in (SERPS).

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WordTail ranking dashboard

Rank tracking features you'll love

  • Super fast, flexible and accurate rank tracking
  • Support for sub domains and folders
  • Fine grained flexible scheduling
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Quick setup wizard
  • Sharing & access control
  • Keyword and landing page detail
  • Keyword opportunity reports
  • Data exports

Focus on rankings and revenue

Spend more time increasing positions
and less time monitoring them

Get started quickly

It takes less than 2 minutes to create a website project and start tracking 100's of keywords with the quick setup wizard

Monitor website rankings

Track website keyword positions daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for Google, Bing and Yahoo in over 160 countries.

Track competitor positions

Discover websites competing for your keywords and monitor key competitors to compare your rankings side-by-side

Unlimited website monitoring

With WordTail you can check 3 search engines per website, monitor unlimited keywords per website and track unlimited websites

Track positions over time

Use WordTails Rank History report to get a complete view of your ranking history, allowing you to analyse performance from start to finish

Share your results

WordTail is a collaborative tool, designed to be used by everyone who needs to view, manage or track SEO campaign performance

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Simply Organised

Campaigns are an effective way to organise and monitor clusters of keywords. Setup campaigns for brands, product types, services or priorties.

Get started in under 2 minutes

WordTail is an essential tool for helping us report and analyse key phrase data for our clients. Results are fast, accurate and the range of features is the best around.

Rob Stoubos Robert Stoubos
Odyssey New Media

Universal & Paid Results

Ranking reports that show universal results including multiple positions, news, video, images, maps and paid ads

Position & Visibility Score

View your overall position & visibility as single metrics based on WordTails weighted scoring system, accurately representing your SEO ranking performance.

Powerful Search Filtering

WordTail includes a powerful search and filtering features that allow you to quickly and easily see keywords that are important to you.

Who uses WordTail rank tracker?

WordTail is used by digital marketing teams, agencies, consultants and SEO professionals who want to track search engine positions quickly, accurately and on a super flexible schedule.

WordTail is also used by agency clients, managers and business owners to monitor ranking performance

If you have an interest in tracking your organic positions and seeing how you compete, then WordTail is for you

  • SEO professionals everywhere
  • Marketing managers
  • Business directors, owners & CEO's
  • eCommerce teams

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