What are WordTail Credits?

WordTail credits are used to check keyword positions in search engines.

1 credit = 1 keyword, searched one time, in one search engine to a search depth of 5 pages (50 results).

Whichever plan you subscribe to you will have a certain number of credits included in that price. If you want to you can buy more credits at a rate which will be dependent on the package you are on and the volume of credits you want to buy.

Why Credits and Not Keywords?

As part of our ethos to make our software Fast, Flexible and Accurate we decided that a rigid structure for number of keywords wasn't flexible enough.

Most tools charge you by the keyword regardless of how much you actually use and whilst that is OK, you don;t get maximum value out of your subscription, especially if you have multiple projects that you track and on different schedules.  With credits you know that you are getting exactly what you are paying for

Last update on 20/05/2016 by Team WordTail.

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